Company Registration in Mumbai

Company Registration in Mumbai


The registration, incorporation, and winding up of the company are governed by the Companies Act, 2013. A corporation is created through the business registration process and is recognized as a distinct legal entity. Through the registration process, the firm is eligible to receive all of the benefits granted by the Companies Act of 2013.

There are two main categories of firms in India, including Mumbai: Public firms and Private Limited Companies.

In Mumbai, private limited companies are the most preferred type of business structure due to its flexibility and lower funding requirements when compared to public companies. In contrast to starting a public limited company, which requires at least seven members, starting a private limited business only requires the presence of two members and a legitimate goal. Click Here: Company Registration in Mumbai

The Significance of Mumbai Company Registration


The following justifies the significance of company registration:


  1. Avoidance of personal risks: Personal liabilities are discharged upon company formation. One’s personal assets are not at danger; instead, one’s responsibility is restricted to the amount of business shares held.


  1. Differentiated Legal Entity: Through incorporation, a business acquires a unique identity and benefits from operating under its own name.


  1. Perpetual succession: Due to its infinite lifespan, the Company is entitled to the right of perpetual succession. Although members and employees may leave the firm at any time, it will continue to exist until it is formally wound up.


  1. Reputation: The company’s registration attests to its enduring character and capable leadership, instilling trust in its patrons and other stakeholders.


  1. Legal Protection: Once the business is incorporated, its name is shielded and cannot be used by anybody else. Additionally, once registration, the illegal use of the company name is protected.



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